A Selection of Free Sessions with Marit 

Winter Hip focused Practice – In this practice we mobalize and melt into the hips. A slower paced wintering practice which includes a few yin postures. 

Winter Chill Out Session – Here we do not come up off the floor, a really relaxing winter class, working with gently opening the body, relaxing tension and inviting relaxation. Great for when you are tired and want to slow down and let go. Enjoy.

Ajna focused class. Lots of balances and use of focusing the eyes to bring a stillness to the mind. Introduces chinchari mudra, a gesture of the eyes, great for strengthening eyes and increasing mental focus. 

Autumn Seasonal Flow class, focus on the breath within postures.  

Class focusing on supporting your immune system. We aim to flush the lymphatic system and bring some rest to our bodies. A gentle class suitable when you are looking for low impact, and to boost your immunity. 

Muladhara Chakra Class – relaxing, calming, earthing class. Great pre bed after a busy day. (You may need a belt and 2 bricks.)

Late summer flow. 

Muladhara and Anahata Class – Restful and heart based with some hints of summer.

Early summer flow with focus on opening into the strong connective tissue around the hips – goal pose of Hanumanasana (the splits!) – or moving towards it 🙂 

Yoga Nidra – guided expansion and contraction 10 min yoga nidra

Early summer flow with focus on the meridians of the season – pericardium and triple heater. 

Body Clock Flow – 1 hour – Metal to Wood so can be done any time of the day. Use this practice to reset your internal clock any time of the year. 

Chakra class – 60 mins – muladhara and sublimation – (rooting and rising for Spring) 

18 min guided meditation – secret smile through the body clock Taoist meditation

Chakra Based Class 85 mins, Manipura to ajna with breath and meditation practice included.


Spring Flow – 60 mins – Organs of Spring, Liver and Gallbladder

Spring flow – 60 mins – Foundation and Balance

10 minute Spring breath and meditation practice

Winter flow – twist focus, 60 mins

Winter flow – introduction to winter 65 mins

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