A Selection of Free Sessions with Marit 

Muladhara Chakra Class – relaxing, calming, earthing class. Great pre bed after a busy day. (You may need a belt and 2 bricks.)

Late summer flow. 

Muladhara and Anahata Class – Restful and heart based with some hints of summer.

Early summer flow with focus on opening into the strong connective tissue around the hips – goal pose of Hanumanasana (the splits!) – or moving towards it 🙂 

Yoga Nidra – guided expansion and contraction 10 min yoga nidra

Early summer flow with focus on the meridians of the season – pericardium and triple heater. 

Body Clock Flow – 1 hour – Metal to Wood so can be done any time of the day. Use this practice to reset your internal clock any time of the year. 

Chakra class – 60 mins – muladhara and sublimation – (rooting and rising for Spring) 

18 min guided meditation – secret smile through the body clock Taoist meditation

Chakra Based Class 85 mins, Manipura to ajna with breath and meditation practice included.


Spring Flow – 60 mins – Organs of Spring, Liver and Gallbladder

Spring flow – 60 mins – Foundation and Balance

10 minute Spring breath and meditation practice

Winter flow – twist focus, 60 mins

Winter flow – introduction to winter 65 mins


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