Hridaya Kundalini Yoga – Information Page

This wonderful form of practice derived by Marit’s teacher, Sahajananda of Hridaya Yoga, incorporates Hatha yoga with stillness. 

This course will introduce you to this wonderful practice, which helps you to connect to the energy of the chakras, and the stillness in your mind. 

We integrate postures (asana) and breath work (pranayama) to build specific energies and cultivate states of consciousness. Gently moving our awareness upwards to a lighter, quieter state. 

This course may be for you;

  • if you are interested in going deeper into your practice,
  • if you would like to be able to practice and teach chakra based sessions,
  • if you would like more depth in your teaching – going beyond the physical into the more subtle aspects of the practice,
  • if you are interested in Self-Enquiry meditation practice.

The dates of the next course are TBC when we are more aware of the availability of studios as this is a live training. 

If you would like to be on our contact list for this course, please let us know.