Cakra Classes – A Selection of Free Sessions with Marit 

Manipura (navel chakra) flow. We have some standing pumping breath and some stronger postures with the focus on building strength and inner power. Finishing with a breath mindfulness practice.

block prop used. October 23

Anahatata (heart) and sahasrara (crown) chakra class. This aligns with the Shen, the spirit of fire in the summer season. Warm up, Sun salutations, Postures (which include pauses with the So Ham mantra to help bring presence and amplify the energies of these centers), a short mindfulness practice and yoga nidra.

Belt and block props used. June 23

Chakra Balancing class, we warm up, perform 6 classical sun salutations then go up through the chakras one by one, to finish feeling balanced and calm. March 23

This practice is an Anahata, Heart based practice which includes Metta (Loving Kindness Meditation practice) within it. Heart opening postures and focus on love, foregiveness and compassion. Dec 22.

This practice is an Autumn seasonal flow with a theme of working with ajna, the third eye, to build focus and clarity of mind through balance and eye gazing techniques. Nov 22

This, Anahata, heart based practice is relaxing and restorative as we go through the pancha kosha (5 body) system from the physical aspects of chest opening, to energetic focus of bringing prana and focus to the heart, and onto building the emotional aspects of cultivating compassion, forgiveness, love and surrender, to finish on the mental aspects of the heart as we cultivate this as a state of mind. 

This class we begin with manpura (navel) emphasis, stronger postures and sun salutations, then we move on to anahata (heart) on the mat with more introverted and heart centered postures and breath. This can be used in the transition time between Spring and Early Summer as we move from the rooting strong practice of Spring into the heart opening of Early Summer. 

Full Chakra sublimation class. Moving up through all the energy centers, a great practice if you feel out of balance to help your body and mind feel in harmony. A great favourite on the teacher trainings. 

Ajna focused class. Lots of balances and use of focusing the eyes to bring a stillness to the mind. Introduces chinchari mudra, a gesture of the eyes, great for strengthening eyes and increasing mental focus. 

Muladhara Chakra Class – relaxing, calming, earthing class. Great pre bed after a busy day. (You may need a belt and 2 bricks.)

Muladhara and Anahata Class – Restful and heart based with some hints of summer.

Yoga Nidra – guided expansion and contraction 10 min yoga nidra

Chakra class – 60 mins – muladhara and sublimation – (rooting and rising for Spring) 

18 min guided meditation – secret smile through the body clock Taoist meditation

Chakra Based Class 85 mins, Manipura to ajna with breath and meditation practice included.


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