Elemental QiGong 

Here are some shorter qigong practices, which work within the elements of the Chinese system. These are mostly recorded at the beginning of the Monday morning live class and started in Spring/Wood 2023 and shall be built up over time.

Water Element Qigong – 18 mins – includes touch sea and sky, pushing waves, rowing boat in the heart of the lake and cloud hands – Jan 24

Water Element Qigong – 15 mins – includes water element qigong set, swimming turtle and turning the flying wheel practices – Dec 23

Metal Element Qigong – 10 mins – opening into the meridians in the arms and including clearning clouds and drawing the bow forms – Nov 23

Earth Element Qigong – 10 mins – Connecting to center while opening to upflow and downflow qi, includes heaven and earth form – August 23

Fire (primary) Element Qigong – 13 mins – Do In, meridian tapping, hands to heart, Do In of the Dragon – June 23

Fire (primary) Element Qigong – 11 mins – focus on expanding external fire and bringing back to inner fire, puppy wagging tail, circling the sun, hands to heart – June 23

Fire (secondary) Element Qigong – 15 mins – focus on expansion and dynamic movement and recentering – May 23

Fire (secondary) Element Qigong – 15 mins – focus on connective tissue for triple heater – May 23

Wood Element Qigong – 15 mins – ligament and tendon focus, joint warm up, side bends, punching with angry gaze. April 23

Wood Element Qigong – 15 mins – warm ups, rising energy, side bends and focused perception practice. April 23

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