Seasonal Flow Classes

 Please find below a selection of Seasonal Vinyasa Flow Classes, as well as some specialised classes (wall, immunity, relaxing). In a Seasonal Flow, we aim to integrate Yoga asana with focusing on the meridian and organs of the season to help us feel more in balance. Choose a session which relates to the season of the year, your life, your day or which calls to you in this moment. Feel free to calm and ‘winter’ in Summer if that is what you need.

Early Summer class, need blocks and a belt, opening the web of the whole body. May 24 60 mins

Super Chill Out, perfect before bed at the secnodary fire time of day 7-11pm, Early Summer class, could use blocks and a blanket, calm kindness. May 24 60 mins

Early Summer transition to summer flow with a focus on arms and keeping calm as we move into primary fire. 

Early Summer flow with a focus on stretching your connective tissue. 

Body Clock flow, evening practice, Secondary fire to secondary fire – please practice any time between 7-11pm- A practice designed to realign you to your bodies natural rhythms and get you ready for a peaceful nights sleep – April 24

Early Summer/ Secondary Fire flow – 45 mins – focusing on staying low on the mat, nice deep stretches to open your body and calm and harmonize your heart and mind – bring a block or cusion – May 23

Earth Transition Class – 60 mins – feb 24. This class focuses on strengthening your center, and connection to that which nourishes you. Great any time to bring you back to your center. 

Body Clock, Earth to earth, a morning class should be done around 7-11am, 60 mins. Transition class to help rebalance you and bring you back into rhythm. Feb 24

Spring Flow 60 mins – Standing strength and balancing, moving into stretching and alternate nostril breath and short mindfulness and relaxation – no props required – April 24

Winter/ water flow class – 45 mins – Twist focused flow, may want a block for some twists. Jan 24

Winter/ water flow class – 60 mins – Restorative winter flow, no props needed, includes squats and reclined stretches. Dec 23

Winter/ water flow class – 45 mins – includes some gentle core strengthening and hip opening. Dec 23

Winter Low Flow. We stay low on the mat with some lovely mat stretches as well as some gentle core and back stregthening. Jan 23

Winter Flow, introverting with breath focus. Calming and relaxing. Dec 22.

Winter flow – introduction to winter 65 mins

Autumn flow class – 60 mins – use 2 bricks and a belt – opening chest includes ujjai and So Ham mantra throughout for focus. Nov 23

Autumn flow class – 45 mins – use 2 bricks and a belt – opening shoulders and arms and building up to bow pose. Nov 23

Autumn flow class – focus on ujjai/ ocean breath (breath with sound) includes camel sequence, gate pose, dancing warrior sequence. Nov 23

Autumn/Ajna Flow – A class focusing on bringing a clarity and clarity to the mind, using balances and focus points. There is a centering around the third eye, ajna chakra. Nov 22

Class focusing on supporting your immune system. We aim to flush the lymphatic system and bring some rest to our bodies. A gentle class suitable when you are looking for low impact, and to boost your immunity. Recorded 2021.

Autumn Flow – A metal practice, lung and large intestine, opening into the chest and sides to help a fullness of breath, and clarity of mind. Nov 22

Autumn Seasonal Flow class, focus on the breath within postures. Oct 21.

Rest and Restore: A very gentle session designed to help you recover after illness or when very tired. We use a soft bolster or bed pillow and blanket in this class. March 23.

Late Summer Flow – 1 hour- This practice includes Do In shaking, shoulder openers and deep stretch to release tension and worry. It requires 2 blocks and a belt.  September 23

Late Summer Flow 23 – 1 hour- A nourishing ‘Earth mother’ heart based practice.  September 23

Late Summer Flow 23 – 34 mins – may need a chair for the balances. A centering practice including quad opening, balances and some core.  August 23

Late Summer flow, we focus on building our practice around a very centering breath ryhthm. A very nourishing flow. You may like to bring a couple of bricks and perhaps a cushion. Sept 22.

Late summer flow. Get grounded and centered with prostrations, seasonal qi gong, standing postures and core focus. Sept 21.

Summer, primary fire flow – 45 mins

Starts standing with some balancing and arm opening sequences (tree, eagle, duck, squat) then to floor with dove pose, seated twists and heart focus. June 23

Summer, primary fire flow – 45 mins  (2 bricks)

Includes arm and shoulder opening as well as opening into hips and legs, lunges to splits, hare to little bird, and finishing in backbends. June 23

Spring / Wood flow – 45 mins – tendon and ligament focus, going deeper into joints to strengthen and create spring! Need 2 bricks. Ap 23

Spring flow – 60 mins – Working into the thoracic area for twists, and side bends, some strengthening and also qi gung focus on root to rise and tendons and ligament strength. Need 2 bricks. March 23

Spring flow – 60 mins – Foundation and Balance, Spring 22

Spring Flow – 60 mins – Organs of Spring, Liver and Gallbladder, Spring 22

10 minute Spring breath and meditation practice

Winter Flow, focus on hips and back and forwards folds and going with the flow. Dec 22.

Winter Hip focused Practice – In this practice we mobalize and melt into the hips. A slower paced wintering practice which includes a few yin postures. Winter 21.

Winter Chill Out Session – Here we do not come up off the floor, a really relaxing winter class, working with gently opening the body, relaxing tension and inviting relaxation. Great for when you are tired and want to slow down and let go. Enjoy. Winter 21.

Body Clock Flow – Metal to Wood – Use to bring balance and harmony as you reset your internal clock and run through all the body meridians in body clock order. Includes meridian visualisation in the yoga nidra at the end. Oct 22.

Wall Class – A full session which uses the wall and also a brick to help build alignment awareness in postures like triangle and half moon, support in standing and floor postures and to lean into for some yin postures for deep stretch. 

Early summer flow with focus on opening into the strong connective tissue around the hips – goal pose of Hanumanasana (the splits!) – or moving towards it :) 

Early summer flow with focus on the meridians of the season – pericardium and triple heater. 

Body Clock Flow – 1 hour – Metal to Wood so can be done any time of the day. Use this practice to reset your internal clock any time of the year. 

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