Advanced Philosophy & Meditation


“This course is absolutely amazing. Life changing. Mind blowing.” HIlde, Glasgow, 2021

Using ancient advice and modern ideas we will consider the search for truth and happiness. An applied course of how we engage with life, our mindset, our ability to find joy and contentment in each moment. The course includes teachings from modern thinkers like Sam Harris, Georg Feuerstein, and Geshe Michael Roach, as well as study of traditional texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and the teachings of Ramana Maharshi.

This course is most suitable for those who have studied some yoga philosophy before, either through a 200 hour yoga teacher training or other path. Please see below for full details of dates, cost, and content.

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"Thank you so much for our advanced yoga philosophy course! I have truly enjoyed it...this year's experience has been extraordinary." Maria - 2021

The current course (Jan 21 - Dec 21) was fully booked, we are now taking bookings for our 2022 course (Jan22 - Dec22).

Using ancient advice and modern ideas we will consider the search for truth and happiness. An applied course of how we engage with life, our mindset, our ability to find joy and contentment in each moment.

Thank you for your interest in this Yoga and philosophy course. Our study here is ourselves, our emotions, daily experiences and relationships. This is a practical look at how we can bring our understanding of Yoga, and the application of these ideas, to increase joy and stillness in our daily lives for ourselves and those around us. 

  • We shall go deeper into the yamas and niyamas of the Patanjali Yoga system.
  • Non- Violent Communication.
  • The science of Happiness.
  • Psychological aspects of yogic cleansing.
  • Study of modern spirituality and what it means in our society and how to integrate ideas about living an ethical and fulfilling life, through studying Sam Harris and others.
  • We shall study the Self Enquiry methods of meditation by Ramana Maharshi, as well as meta (loving compassion) meditation.
  • We will also study the Bhagavad Gita, with all its relevance for our motivations for actions, and letting go of attachments. Including our exploration of dharma and karma Yoga.
  • We shall be supporting your home meditation practice as an integral part of your personal journey during the year, using supportive aids like the waking up app and the RAIN methods of Tara Brach.
  • Learning how to be a meditation teacher, with practice and assignments.

We shall be including home learning with reading and evolution assignments, with a full online platform with recordings of all sessions and more, to support your growth throughout the year.

Reaching across disciplines of Western science, Indian Yoga, Buddhism, and modern thinkers to help guide us on a journey of personal reflection. On this course we shall study the teachings on how to act from the Bhagavad Gita, the non-dual philosophies of Ramana Maharshi, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, modern philosophers like Sam Harris (spirituality without religion - waking up), Rosenburg (Non-Violent Communication) and Jack Kornfield. We shall go on this journey together using books, online material, podcasts, personal evolution assignments (PEAs), a buddy system, and group discussion, to integrate these ideas into your life. This is a year of personal discovery and transformation, a study of truth, and joy and how to live more fully.

Course Structure

12 Saturday's (10 - 2pm, with 2 full days) over a year. Each session will have a structure roughly similar to this: Starting with guided meditation, then a lecture on a given topic, a short movement practice focused on relaxing the body and mind, then a workshop format learning and discussion of topics studied in the month, finishing with yoga nidra.

Plus learning and guided practices between sessions.

Live zoom dates can be missed as they will be recorded and can be caught up with, as long as you continue on your learning journey between the sessions. Although attendance is highly recommended and only 3 can be missed if you wish to build up towards the 300 hour qualification. There is a 2 month break over the summer.

A strong interest in philosophy, or a 200 hour yoga teacher qualification is required for this course.

Course Cost

Course costs £80 per month (first payment 1st February) for 11 months, or lump sum payment of £800. (£50 per month for 300 hour seasonal yoga graduates, £500 for whole year).

£40 deposit payable to hold your space.

Course Dates for 2022

Saturdays 10 – 2pm (full days 10 – 5.30pm). All sessions live stream on zoom.

Module 1Saturday 29th Jan
Module 2Saturday 26th February
Module 3Saturday 26th March
Module 4Saturday 30th April
Module 5Saturday 21st May
Module 6Saturday 18th June
Module 7Saturday 2nd July (full day)
Module 8Saturday 27th Aug
Module 9Saturday 24th Sept
Module 10Saturday 29th oct
Module 11Saturday 26th Nov
Module 12Saturday 10th Dec (full day)

The course runs over a year, a 4 hour live online session once per month, and online supported learning between sessions.