Seasonal Yin Course 2- Energy Focus and Meridian Extensions


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 "Thank you and Jane for such an inspiring and uplifting day;  I felt truly renewed and look forward to the next one." Richard Glasgow 23

Course 2 –  Energy Focus and Meridian Extensions 

In this 50 hour course we focus on opening deep tensions and experiencing the energy within our body through the practice. We shall open to qi/ prana/ energy through qigong practice and exploration of the chakras within a yin context, as well as an in-depth practical sessions on the meridians and their extension lines. We shall be working with the archetypical yin postures and newer variations to give you new ideas for your classes.

  • Hands on meridian exploration
  • Qi gong
  • The 5 elements system and the 5 spirits
  • The body clock
  • Zen shiatsu extension lines
  • How to work with chakras and building their states of consciousness in this yin setting.

Course is available as a fully online course, all sessions are recorded with very detailed notes to support, at any time for you to go through in your own time. Once purchased the course is available for 3 years. Please follow the purchase link above to start immediately.

This course is also available live in Edinburgh 2025, at the Gathering Essence Studio. Sundays 1pm - 8.30pm

  • Water – 19th January 2025
  • Wood – 9th March 2025
  • Fire – 8th June 2025
  • Earth – 17th August 2025
  • Metal – 19th October 2025
  • Course Consolidation and Completion – 16th November 2025

The Course costs £500, this can be paid in instalments, to set this up please contact us.

If you choose to attend in person, you will be given access to the online recordings and given a physical manual as part of your course fee.