Seasonal Yin Course 1- Traditional Meridians and Muscles


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Seasonal Yin Course 1 – Traditional Meridians and Muscles of the Season - Live training 2024, Edinburgh Gathering Essence Studio 1pm - 8.30pm

In this 50 hour course we explore the muscles related to the seasons and focus on the exact location of the traditional meridians.

  • Classical yin postures and variations connected to the relevant muscles
  • In depth exploration of traditional meridians
  • Highlighting important seasonal energetic points and their uses
  • Yogic techniques to complement each season too, including laya yoga (working with mantras), mudras, pranayama, and more.

This course is available as a fully online course here. You can find the payment link to purchase the full course, which contains all 6 seasonal yin Course 1 training days, introductory video, full manual (over 150 pages) with posture descriptions and photos, as well as detailed notes on the muscles and Yoga techniques offered each session. Each season has 2 full yin practice sessions, posture workshop, seasonal information, muscle talk, and more. around 7 hours of content for each season. All in an easy to access format and with no time limit to your access.

This online resource is used either on its own, or in conjunction with the live running of the course. If you purchase this course, you have full live - online access to future running of this course with Marit and Jane. (This is not so for the in person places which are limited and must be booked as part of the course package.)

 Next live training (online available) in Edinburgh 2024, Gathering Essence Studio on Broughton Lane 1pm - 8.30pm.

  • Winter: 21st January 2024
  • Spring: 17th March 2024
  • Early Summer: 12th May 2024
  • Summer: 9th June 2024
  • Late Summer: 25th August 2024
  • Autumn: 27th October 2024