Yoga Philosophy Introduction


A course to help anyone towards a better understanding of Yoga philosophy and how to apply it into your daily lives, alongside building a meditation practice to support your ability to live with more skill and calmness.

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This introduction to Yoga philosophy and meditation consists of 11 modules to help you become familiar with the foundation of yoga philosophy, where it began and modern ideas which we can apply to our daily life. It is accessible and has no assumed background knowledge.

Marit will offer short nuggets of insight and longer sessions on deeper topics for you to enjoy in her usual style of light humour combined with a great depth of knowledge. She shall be guiding you through your first exploration of meditation, starting with the basics of how to sit, and why you would want to practice, and building up the theory of meditation alongside the practice as you go deeper together. You will explore a few styles of practice including breath focus, Self Enquiry, Mantra practice, Loving kindness practices, and more, so that you have different tools to help guide you towards a way of practicing that works for you. All of this is designed to support you to find your way to stillness and more calm presence.


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