Seasonal Yin

We run regular Seasonal Yin Courses and also practices. The courses (50 hours) run over a year and are suitable for teachers or those wishing to go deeper in Seasonal or Yin theory. The practices (yintensives & mini retreats) are 2 – 3 hours sessions with some information but mostly a super relaxyin seasonal yin experience.  


Seasonal Yin Course – Muscles 

Seasonal Yin Course – Energy

Mini Retreats

Seasonal Yin is a wonderful practice, where time is spent in postures in a supported way (often using props), to allow you to relax your muscles and move deeper into your structure.

We integrate the yin style of stillness with seasonal ideas around meridians, energy of the seasons, emotions and mind set to help bring harmony and balance.

It can be challenging as we untie knots within the body and approach resistance from the mind, however, the stillness within the practice often leaves you feeling significantly more relaxed, open and calm. A great antidote to life’s stresses and partner to more dynamic forms of yoga practice or exercise.

We offer 2 Seasonal Yin (50 hour) Training Courses for those wishing to go deeper or to add this to their teaching skills, and also some short practice sessions to enjoy some seasonal relaxyin in our Yintensives and mini retreats. 

Seasonal Yin Training Course 1 –

Traditional Meridians and Muscles of the Season

In this 50 hour course we explore the muscles related to the seasons and focus on the exact location of the traditional meridians.

  • Classical yin postures and variations connected to the relevant muscles
  • In depth exploration of traditional meridians
  • Highlighting important seasonal energetic points and their uses
  • Yogic techniques to complement each season too, including laya yoga (working with mantras), mudras, pranayama, and more. 

This course is available as a fully online course or live (online available) in Edinburgh 2024.

Seasonal Yin Training Course 2 –

Meridian Extensions and Energy Focus 

In this 50 hour course we focus on opening deep tensions and experiencing the energy within our body through the practice. 

  • Hands on body work
  • Qi gong
  • The 5 elements system
  • The body clock
  • Zen shiatsu extension lines
  • How to work with chakras and building their states of consciousness.

This course is available live (online and recordings available) in Glasgow in 2023. 


Please join us for our 2 hour live online sessions (recordings also available).

These are 2 hour sessions, Friday evenings on zoom 7-9pm at the beginning of each season to give you some yinspiration (sorry I will stop….soon ;)) and reminders of the season and our yin practice. This is not a course, there are no notes etc, it is a practice which contains an intro to the season, a recap of the meridians and main points and muscles, then a lovely yin practice and nidra. A great way to get you into the vibe of each season.


    Mini retreats

    Marit Akintewe and Linda Keys Run these nuggets throughout the year in the lovely setting of St Mary’s Church Hall, Dalmahoy, Midlothian, EH27 8EB

    Mini retreats 2023
    ALL 18.30 – 21.00 pm
    Please follow this link for more information:

    Mini Retreats

    Meet the Yin Team 

    Jane and Marit Run the Seasonal Yin Courses and Yintensives together.

    With many years experience as Yoga teachers, and 5 years teaching the yin courses together they are a great team with complementary skills to make the day yinformative, yinteresting and fun.

    Marit is a seasonal yoga director and has been teaching for over 20 years. Marit trained in a yin like style of yoga over many years and applies her knowledge of energy and meditation to cultivate depth in her classes. Co-creator of Seasonal Yin Courses 1 and 2.

    Jane is a shiatsu practictioner and has been teaching seasonally for over a decade, and regular yin classes online for many years. Co – Creator of Seasonal Yin Course 2.



    Seasonal Yin Course – Muscles 

    Seasonal Yin Course – Energy

    Mini Retreats