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200 RYT and 500 RYT 

Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training

Marit is one of 3 founding directors of the international seasonal yoga teacher training school. We have been running seasonal yoga 200 hour teacher training courses since 2010 in over 10 locations across the UK and Europe. We have taken the best of the 3 very experienced directors and combined them into a comprehensive yoga course which supports the evolution of all students, in terms of personal development as well as yogis and yoga teachers.

Seasonal Yoga Edinburgh: Marit leads the Edinburgh based trainings with the support of the local seasonal team, Jae Figures, Joanne Ewan and Lianne Stewart. We run out of the beautiful studio Gathering Essence.

200 hour: This level of training takes place over a year, 1 weekend per month plus learning inbetween the modules. This is a wonderful year of transformation, in which you are introduced to how to live in line with the seasons, teach and practice seasonal flow (vinyasa flow style), in depth breath courses, anatomy and Yoga philosophy. The course is designed to support your growth as a practitioner, as well as a teacher. A very supportive environment to build conifdence in your teaching, and an inclusive community to help you be yourself.

All dates and times below, please contact us (link above) for a copy of the prospectus. (We are now accepting applications for 2025).

2025Edinburgh January 2025 Course 200 RYT
HoursSaturday 12.00 – 7.30pm, Sunday. 12.00 – 5.30pm
Module 1Saturday 25th & 26th January 2025
Module 2Saturday 22nd & 23rd February
Module 3Saturday 22nd & 23rd March
Module 4Saturday 26th & 27th April
Module 5Saturday 24th & 25th May
Module 6Saturday 21st & 22nd June
Module 7Saturday 19th & 20th July
Module 8Saturday 30th & 31st August
Module 9Saturday 27th & 28th September
Module 10Saturday 25th & 26th October
Module 11Saturday 22nd & 23rd November
Module 12Saturday 13th & 14th December 2025
300/ 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Accredited Course over 2-3 years:
Since 2015 Marit has also been running advanced courses, including a 300 hour accredited course, advanced seasonal, seasonal yin, advanced philosophy and meditation, alighnment and adjustment courses, 3 levels of breath courses, and ‘Going Deeper’ CPD Sessions for Yoga Teachers.
Seasonal Yoga Edinburgh offer an in-person 300 hour training. This takes place on one Sunday per month over 24 months (dates below), plus the Going Deeper into Philosophy Course (1 Sat morning on zoom over a year). And completion of the 3 levels of breath course with Yoga with Marit. This can be completed over 2 – 3 years and can also be added to the Edinburgh 200 hour to make a 500 hour RYT in 2-3 years.
You may start at the beginning of any year, but your start point may effect how long it takes to complete the training.
This training takes you deeper into all aspects of yoga. It includes a level 2 Seasonal Yin qualification, advanced breath practitioner, Advanced vinyassa flow and hands on adjustment skills, Advanced Seasonal information (including meridian extensions, 5 elemental theory and 5 Spirit theory), more depth into qigong, mindfulness and meditation teacher, more depth in yoga philosophy, posture adjustment and inclusion, advanced flow teacher and much more.

For more details please contact us.

(Sunday Yin FULL – Tue date available)

2024/5Edinburgh Course 300 RYT
HoursSunday. 1.00 – 8.30pm
Yin/Seasonal 121st January 24 (FULL – Tue date available)
Yin/Seasonal 217th March (FULL – Tue date available)
Yin/Seasonal 312th May (FULL – Tue date available)
Yin/Seasonal 49th June (FULL – Tue date available)
AAI 128th July
Yin/Seasonal 525th August (FULL – Tue date available)
AAI 222nd Sept
Yin/Seasonal 627th Oct (FULL – Tue date available)
AAI 324th Nov 2024


In Person 300 hour Edinburgh (assumes already a 200RYT) includes:

  1. 2024 Yin Muscles (6 dates – see above)
  2. 2024/25 Alignment, Adjustment and Inclusion (6 dates above)
  3. 2025 Yin Energy (6 dates to the right)
  4. 2025/26 Alignment, Adjustment and Inclusion (6 dates to the right
  5. 2025 Going Deeper into Yoga Philosophy course (11 modules)
  6. 3 Levels of Breath Course

In Person 500 hour 2024 – 2025 Edinburgh includes:

  1. 2024 200 hour RYT (12 dates above)
  2. 2024 Yin Muscles (6 dates – see above)
  3. 2024/5 Alignment, Adjustment and Inclusion (6 dates above)
  4. 2025 Yin Energy (6 dates to the right)
  5. 2025/6 Alignment, Adjustment and Inclusion (6 dates to the right
  6. 2025 Going Deeper into Yoga Philosophy course (11 modules)
  7. 3 Levels of Breath Course


2024/5Edinburgh Course 300 RYT
HoursSunday. 1.00 – 8.30pm
Yin/Seasonal 119th Jan 2025
AAI 49th Feb
Yin/Seasonal 29th March
AAI 56th April
Yin/Seasonal 38th June
AAI 629th June
Yin/Seasonal 417th August
AAI 114th Sept
Yin/Seasonal 519th Oct
AAI 212th Nov
Yin/Seasonal 616th Nov
AAI 37th Dec 2025



Seasonal Yoga

Teacher Training

Seasonal Yoga

Teacher Training

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